Small Business Connections Virtual Summit

09-10-11 February 2021

Following the unprecedented  year of lockdowns and challenges of the Covid-19 outbreak, including Australia’s first recession in thirty years, the business sector is now in biggest downturn and impact on small business in history.

With so many critical issues confronting business, together with an uncertain global economy, has changed the way small business needs to react and change to move forward in 2021 in the Covid-norm

Small Business Connections Summit  & Small Business Expo virtual events will be presented on 09-10-11 February online to assist and empower business to embrace the challenges ahead.

As Government support and programs roll out following this year’s federal Budget, the last quarter of the year pending the holiday break and the start in 2021 is a critical time for SMEs to revive and develop key strategies to face the many uncertainties of operating a business in today’s market place.

Positioned as the last major SME business event this year, the combined Small Business Connections Summit and Small Business Expo will include over one hundred speakers and exhibitors and host thousands of visitors over the three days on the 09-10-11 February.

Summit Topics

Critical topics on a range of important issues for SMEs including,

Connect with

Business leaders & industry experts
Government speakers

Small Business Connections Summit Speakers include representatives from the government sector, business leaders, c-level executives from publicly listed and major privately held companies, industry experts, opinion leaders, industry experts and key decision makers.

Small Business Connections Summit is a major focus for SMEs across all industry sectors  

Attending and/or sponsoring or exhibiting at the SBC Summit & Small Business Expo will help get your business back on track and minimise economic challenges with a focus on 2021.

SME growth and development are the cornerstone of the Small Business Connections Summit & Small Business Expo showcasing business successes, trends and solutions; address challenges and strategies in constantly changing marketplaces; connect entrepreneurs, thought leaders, social media influencers, government facilitators, industry experts and c-level executives from around Australia.

This December, Small Business Connections (SBC) will harness an extensive network of SME stakeholders to present the inaugural Small Business Connections Summit & Small Business Expo 09-10-11 February 2021​.

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